Our goal is to Inspire and Inform, so when the time is right, you can Implement!


Get Inspired! Stay Inspired!

Our first goal is to inspire you to make renewable energy decisions. At Green3i we are here to inspire you. From our News updates to our Podcasts to the resources posted on Our Journey, we hope you find inspiration every time you visit our website.


Get Informed! Stay Informed!

Our second goal is to get you the information necessary to move forward with renewable energy and other sustainable decisions. From the the resources listed under Your Journey, to the News, to our easy to use Calculators, Green3i will be THE resource you need to get informed with relevant information to stay on your renewable and sustainable journey.


You are Inspired and Informed – It’s time to Implement!

The most important step is to move forward! Green3i will connect you with trusted suppliers to implement your green energy and sustainable decisions.